Company Name Pluscare Hong Kong Co.,Ltd.
Address Unit C,10/F,Yan`s Tower,27 WongChukHang Road,HongKong
Tel :Mail Form
Group Company Pluscare Co., Ltd.
3-321-2 Shindori Kokufu-cho Tottori-city Tottori 680-8066 Japan
Established Year 17/02/2016
Capital 10.000,000YEN
Business Content Manufacturing, Saleing of Heathy Food
Saleing Health Supplement Food,Daily Products, Cosmetics Products
Saleing and Leasing of Health Equipment
Saleing and Leasing of Nursing Products and Nursing Machine
Restaurant Operation
Saleing of Computer Equipment and Development of Software
Saleing of Multimedia Equipment
Telephone Service through internet and other service
The Export, Sales, Instaliation and Repair of the Electric Communication Equipment
Water Pipe and Ozone Cleaning Hydreine Facility Engineering
Business Operation Consultation
Trading of Properties, Leasing and Intermediary Management
Trading Securities
Trading, Wholesale and Leasing of Second Hand Products
All Business Realated to the Above Business Content

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