has the effect of anti-aging

Hormesis room is a health house that has more function than the famous hot spring like Misasa hot spring and Tamagawa hot spring. In the hormesis room, the tile that can produce radon gas is on the wall, this creates the effect of keeping the condensation of radon to a level that is effective for the cells of human body.

 You can wear clothes and make up in the hormesis room, so you can simply relax yourself in the room. This can release the fatigue that accumulated in your daily life and work.

Origin of “hormesis”
Hormesis means “stimulation”, this is to activate the cells through low-dose radiation in order to make the cells revive. This can activate the immunity system. In Europe, this effect has been recognized in the past. More and more people are paying attention to this medical care method in Japan now.

1.The effect of hormesis is safe

2.Radon is not stable in hot spring treatment, but it is stable in hormesis room.

3.Negative ion and far infrared rays

4.In Europe, this effect has been recognized since a long time ago.

The health effect brings by the radium hot spring hormesis effect

Misasa hot spring and Tamagawa hot spring are famous radon (radium) hot spring. The steam and hot spring contains radon and spread around, your body can utilize this radon gas and activate the cells to increase the healing power and immunity system. Radon is a radioactive noble gas that produced by the break down of the radium that naturally exist

Many people always have the image that “radiation” is bad for body and is horrible. However, there are many specialized research that have been done for many years. The effectiveness and potential is shown in the research. The radiation hormesis carries various effect and is intergrade step by step in the Western and Eastern integrative medical.

Radiation exist naturally and we are exposing to the radiation in our daily life. It is impossible to live without radiation. Low radiation is not harmful to your body and can even activate the cells of your body to make you healthy.

To produce the necessary enzymes and hormones

Radon gas will penetrate through the whole body by breathing through the lungs, you can benefit from the hormesis effect of activation of cells, immunity system, anti-aging, beauty and health. It does not have any side effects so it is a safe therapy. It also produces many negative ions so it carries the healing effect for your body and mind.

When you expose to the low radiation, it will produce little active oxygen at the same time as there were trillions of electrons and ions produced due to the low radiation. This active oxygen will produce enzyme and hormones from cells and conduct the active reaction of immunity system.

In order to take medicines to take in the required substances, according to the research that presented by the university, exposing to low radiation can help human body to produce the necessary hormones and enzymes by themselves.

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