It is caffeine-free so it is suitable for you to drink everyday and to drink at anytime.

"Chaga tea" of our company used the good quality chaga that was grown naturally. We pack all of the natural nutrients into the tea bag. There are not additives such as antioxidants, preservatives, coloring etc. It has no smell and tasteless so people of age range from children to elderlies could drink this tea.
>> What is chaga?

■ For those who would like food of no additives and is save to eat

It is difficult to live without additive products. The bottle drinks of tea that are selling in shops are all with additives. Therefore, we made this kind of no additives tea for those who would like to enjoy no additives drinks.

■For those who do not want to use medicine or supplements

It is made with natural materials without agricultural chemicals and radiations. “Chaga tea” is grown in an extremely cold place naturally and can improve your health without changing your lifestyle.

■Enjoy healthy daily life with “Chaga tea”

In the places that the weather is extremely cold like Hokkaido and Russia, chaga is necessary in their daily life. Nowadays, more and more research about chaga is conducting by various countries in the world, and the function of chaga is proven by various researches.

1.Non-thermal processing

In order to prevent the lost of nutrients during thermal processing, all of our chaga is dried naturally which is time consuming.​​​​​​

2.No additives at all

We do not use any preservatives and coloring in our materials. There is not environment hormone (endocrine disruptor) used in our tea bag, and we do not use any chlorine bleach too.

3.We do not produce bottle drinks

To produce bottle drinks, we need to have a thermal processing process and this might due to the nutrients lost during this process. In order to stable the quality, we also need to add additives to the bottle drinks. However, we only want to produce produces with natural materials and with no additives. Therefore, we only sell tea bag type chaga tea.

・I am so proud of my healthy body that I even want to show off to my friends! (60 years old male)

・Chaga tea is tasteless and does not have smell so I can drink it easily.(58 years old male)

・It is important that I can keep drinking it without pushing myself.(37 years old female)

・It is delicious so our family could keep drinking it!(35 years old female)

・After drinking this chaga tea, I found that my feeling changes everyday and I am happy about it!(38 years old female)


Chaga tea(1g×30 tea bags)

It is a tea bag type healthy tea that uses 100% natural chaga to produce. You can make 1L of tea with 1 tea bag, therefore 30L of tea with 1 pack of chaga tea.
We sterilize and conduct milling processing for the chaga by following strict rules and we pack it into tea bag one by one carefully. It has no smell and is tasteless so you can drink it everyday for improving your health.

●Content: 1g×30 tea bags
●Raw material: Chaga

International Mail will be EMS 900 yen 〜

Normal purchase

Chaga tea(1g×30 tea bags) 
Normal price ¥8,400(with tax)通常購入する

Special price for first time of purchase! Get 20%OFF if it is the first time for you to purchase

Chaga tea(1g×30 tea bags)First time purchase: 1 case only

Normal price ¥8,400(with tax) 
Special price ¥6,720(with tax)初回購入する

Special price package

Chaga(1g×30 tea bags)×3 packs set

Normal price ¥25,200(with tax) 
Special price ¥22,050(with tax)3箱セット購入する

Chaga(1g×30 tea bags)×5 packs set

Normal price ¥42,000(with tax) 
Special price ¥34,125(with tax)5箱セット購入する

Chaga(1g×30 tea bags)×10 packs set

Normal price ¥84,000(with tax) 
Special price ¥63,000(with tax)10箱セット購入する

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