About the affiliate program service Do you want to post the advertisement of Pluscare in the website or blog that run by you?
We will pay you when visitors visit your blog and click the advertisement and purchase our products.

You have to register for “e-click” if you would like to utilize this service.

1.Register for site owner of e-click
Access to e-click, fill in the information required by the “site owner free registration”, which is one the left hand side of the top image. (*required information included email address and your own URL site)

2.Registration provision
There will be a email of registration acceptance from the e-click and we will have a simple provision for the registered site. This process takes one day to a few days. You will receive an email of site owner registration completed from e-click after the provision.

3.Site owner login of e-click
Login through the e-click website with the registered ID and password after the registration.

4.Alliance application
You can search for “Pluscare” from the “advertisement program” which is on the left hand side after login to the system. Click the search result of “alliance application” of the upper right corner. (It is approved automatically now.)

5.Set up banner link code
After completing the alliance process, click “get a link code” to choose the size and design of banner that you like and post it to your own website. If there is anyone purchase product from your advertisement link, you will get compensation from this purchase.

You will get 25% of the total amount of purchase as commission

    (Product name)         (Retail price)
・Tenkei quality soap x 1 pc     2300 yen
・Chaga tea x 1 case         8400 yen
・Chaga tea value pack x 3 packs  22050 yen 
・Chaga tea value pack x 5 packs  34125 yen 
・Chaga tea value pack x 10 packs 63000 yen 

For the first commission, we will pay it to you starting from 5000yen. We can pay it to you starting from 2000yen for the second time and afterwards.
Commission will be counted at the end of every month and transfer to the specified bank account through e-click 2 months later.
For example, the commission of September will be transferred to your bank account at the end of November.

Apply for site owner application from here


Access to the Pluscare program page from here(after login)


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