Even the soap base of Tenkei quality soap does not include any preservatives and antioxidant.

“Soap base” is the most important part of soap. In Japan, there are only few manufactures would produce soap starting from soap base. We are one of these manufactures and we choose the materials for producing soap carefully. The soap is 100% made with natural materials from plants and we did not use any mineral oil and chemical to produce our soap.

The secret of black soap

We condense the useful substances of “natural chaga” inside the Tenkei quality soap. We did not use any coloring to produce our soap. The black color comes from the natural materials. The bubbles of the soap also show the nutrients inside the soap.
>>What is chaga?

The essential substances for producing soap are all from plants

For the essential substances for producing soap, all of the substances come from plants starting from the manufacturing process.

1. The alcohol is made of the fermented alcoholic of Saccharum officinarum that is also used in the food of plant origin.
2.The sucrose that we used is purified from the Saccharum officinarum that is derived from the plant.
3.The “seauestering agent” that is used for the removal of soap scum is only made of the phytic acid that extracted from the rice bran oil.

We used up all of the fresh natural resin every time

Usually, manufacturer purchased lots of fats and oils to heat up and keep in their factory. However, the quality of fats and oils will turn bad and the color will be changed if it is heated. We can keep the quality of fats and oils if we used up all of it once we opened. (※There is not petroleum component used in the raw materials.)

The moisturizing ability that can only be produced through the kettle boiling method combine with the moisturizing component

The kettle boiling soap production method is time consuming and contains lots of the natural moisturizing component glycerin. We even add more glycerin to it to increase the moisturizing ability in order to make a high quality soap that is good for skin.

My daughter love bathing now

Before using this additive-free soap, I cannot find any soap that is suitable for my 4 years old daughter. She is the youngest child within my 4 children. All of the raw material of this soap is derived from plant and all of my family members are using this soap. Now, my daughter loves the bathing time everyday.

This soap will not make you feel pain!

At first, only my 1 year old son, 3 years old daughter and I used this soap, and now my husband also uses it. He said he does not feel pain when he shaves the beard now. It is a miracle that you would not feel pain even you has a scratch on your skin. I guess this is because it is an additive-free soap. All of our family members benefit from this soap a lot.

The component is derived from plant so baby can also use it!

I use this soap with my 10 moths old son. I thought of using the baby soap or baby body shampoo that is selling in shops, but these products are with preservations and lots of additives so I do not want my baby to use it as baby’s skin is weak. The component of this soap is all derived from plant so I would like my son to use it. He always has lots of sweat and this soap can clean all of the sweat. I like to touch my baby’s skin that is smooth and clean.

※The above reviews is only comments of customers. This does not reflect that the product must have the function that described by the above customers.

The soap base is derived from natural plants and combined with the chaga that is full of nutrient. Therefore, the tenkei quality soap has great moisturizing ability and users feel fresh after using it. You can use it for skincare, shampoo or for body soap. Tenkei quality soap helps you to make your skin healthy and pretty.

●Please stop using it when there is any abnormal condition appears on your skin.
●Keep the soap away form your eye. If there is any soap goes into your eye, wash it with water and go to see the doctor if you feel that there is something leaving inside your eye.
●The black color of the soap might stick to your towel that made of certain materials.

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Tenkei quality soap(80g)

This is a real organic soap that is made with additive-free soap base with plant derived component, and used natural chaga as raw material. The moisturizing ability is very high and you can feel your skin becomes moist after using it. The price is 27%OFF compare to the old version!

●Raw material: soap base (palm fat, coconut oil), sucrose ※, glycerin, chaga extract, water, ethanol ※, lavender oil, phytic acid※ (※Derived from plant)

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Tenkei quality soap(80g)
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